Help & F.A.Q.


Why do you need a copy of my prescription?

To ensure the most accurate outcome, we need a copy of the original prescription from your optometrist or ophthalmologist. You can email a copy of the prescription to:


I have a strong prescription, what is your range of lenses?

We can fit a large range of prescriptions for distance, reading and multifocals. Astigmatism can also be corrected. When you enter your prescription on the website, it will automatically offer you the best and most appropriate lens for you. If your prescription requires a thinner lens, it will be added accordingly. If your prescription is out of range, it will also advise you of that. Feel free to email us with a copy of your prescription and our technical gurus will advise you further.


Can you make prescription sunglasses?

All our eyeglasses can be made with prescription sunglass lenses aswell as non-prescription. Most of our sunglass lenses are polarized to offer maximum glare reduction, unless the prescription requires a particularly thin lens which may be outside the polarized lens parameters.


Is a contact lens prescription the same as a spectacle prescription?

Your spectacle prescription is different to your contact lens prescription as the eyeglasses sit away from your eyes as opposed to sitting on the eye’s surface. It is for this reason that the details will be different and are not interchangeable.


Do you offer multifocal/progressive lenses?

We do! We offer very high quality multifocal lenses. The measurements required for a multifocal are such that you will need to visit a hangout or boutique to have them taken.  Coming from an experienced optical background, we understand the nature of multifocals and the importance of accurate fitting requirements.


I have prism in my eyeglasses, can this be corrected?

At this stage, prism is not catered for unfortunately, but another option is to purchase the Benjamin Whatts frame and have the lenses and prism fitted at an optometrist.


What is a PD?

PD is the distance between your pupils. This is required so that the optical center of the lens is positioned in line with your pupil for accurate vision.  There are instructions provided for self measurement on the ordering page of our website.  You can also have your PD measured at our hangouts and boutiques.

Your PD may sometimes be noted on your prescription. It may also be measured at optometry practices  by measuring your face or by measuring the spectacles.


How do I get a copy of my prescription?

If you don’t have a copy of your prescription handy, and you’ve recently had an eye exam, simply call your Optometrist and ask them to provide the information needed. They are required by law to provide you with this information. Please ask them to email or fax you a copy.

If your prescription has expired, you’ll need to visit your optometrist to have an eye exam and obtain an up-to-date prescription. Don’t forget to take home a copy of your prescription including your PD if possible after your check-up.


Can a prescription expire?

A prescription is usually valid for 24 months. We advise you use your most up to date prescription. You can attain a copy of your prescription by having your eyes examined at any optometrist.





Do you have different coating options on the lenses?

All our lenses are provided with the clearest anti-reflective and toughest anti-scratch coatings. We give you the best at affordable prices!


Do you offer Transitions lenses?

Yes, we offer Transition lenses on distance, reading and multifocal lenses.


How do you decide what lenses to give?

The required lens index (thickness) is calculated through a formula on the website when you enter your prescription. You only have the best option available to you! The higher prescriptions will automatically be given with the thinner and lighter high index lenses.  We offer 1.67 grind for only $100 more than the base price. The total cost of the eyeglasses will be less than what you would normally pay for the equivalent lenses alone.


How do I clean my lenses?

You can wash your eyeglasses with lukewarm water and detergent. Never use any chemicals (other than lens spray) and only dry your lenses with microfiber cloths. Avoid abrasive tissues and clothing! Avoid hot and cold water and never leave your eyeglasses in the car unless they’re in their case and in the glovebox.





What is the quality of the frames?

All our eyeglasses are made from the highest quality acetate materials available. They are all hand-made with quality hinges and are designed to retain their shape and be adjusted to fit the face.


Where are the eyeglasses made?

We share the same assembly and production lines that many renowned high-end designer brands use in Asia. Our founders have personally visited these factories to oversee the manufacturing process and working conditions. Every prescription eyeglass is individually checked and assessed in Sydney by our labs and quality control.


My eyeglasses don’t sit on my face properly, what do I do?

Most optical stores will make minor adjustments to any pair of eyeglasses for free or a small fee. Optical stores will sometimes apply heat to frames to make them more malleable for adjusting.

Adjustments are not provided at the hangouts and boutiques as this requires certain equipment which is provided in optical stores. Our hangouts are locations provided for you to experience and try the frames on. Our staff are there to provide you with expertise in the eyeglass selection process and these small spaces with minimal equipment is what allows us to keep our costs down, thereby providing you with high quality product at a much more affordable price. Any optometry practice will be equipped to make your necessary adjustments.


Can I order eyeglasses without the prescription lenses?

Yes you can. Just select the eyeglasses you would like to purchase on the website and select 0.00 for the prescription and proceed to the check out.



Health Funds


Can I claim my eyeglasses from my health fund?

Yes, you most certainly can. You will receive your invoice within 24 hours of payment. Your invoice will have all the relevant item numbers listed and you can either claim online depending on your health fund or send the receipt to your fund for a claim.

Please visit our health fund page for a more comprehensive list of rebates provided. Please note that most health fund rebates expire every year if left unused. With your rebate you will be very little, if anything out of pocket for most eyeglasses, depending on your level of cover.





How do I pay for my eyeglasses?

Payment is put through via the website at the time of ordering. You can pay with Visa/Mastercard and PayPal. All payments are secure through NAB Transact.


Can you provide a receipt?

You will receive an order confirmation at the time of  ordering. This is not a receipt! Your invoice, showing your payment is usually processed within 24-48 hours of ordering and will be emailed to you. This is what you will need to claim for your health fund or tax purposes.



Guarantee and return policy

What is your guarantee and return policy?

We guarantee to make your eyeglasses to the prescription you have given us.  We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if we haven’t provided a satisfactory result.





How long will it take for me to receive my eyeglasses?

We pride ourselves on quality, not express delivery! At the moment we allow 2-3 weeks for all eyeglasses.


How much does shipping cost?

We provide free shipping Australia wide. For any shipping required overseas we request that you email:

We will email you with a tracking number once the eyeglasses have been dispatched from the Sydney lab.


Can I re-order eyeglasses at any time?

Once you have purchased at one of our hangouts or online, your prescription details will remain on your account for the benefit of any future online orders. Just login and you can order from anywhere, at anytime.


Where can I try on the eyeglasses?

We currently have 2 retail premises where you can go to experience the Benjamin Whatts eyeglasses first hand. You can also experience the free virtual try-on system on our website which is also great fun and allows you to see yourself with different eyeglasses on. 

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